About The Pig and Rabbit

The Pig and Rabbit chronicles a working mum’s attempts to homeschool or more accurately, after-school. We haven’t thrown out the “school” element altogether and we’re certainly not anti-school. Instead, our home learning journey seeks to supplement what school provides.  I started this blog mainly for me to keep a record of our schooling-at-home adventures as I seek to create a nurturing environment that inspires curiosity, learning and thinking at home. I enjoy the process very much, and I'm happy to share the fun with you!

Why The Pig and Rabbit?

Emily - 13 March 2011

The Pig is Emily, born in the Lunar Year of the Pig (2007). A fiesty child from the very first day, she had the nurses in the maternity ward talking about her because of her loud cries. And that same fiesty attitude has remained. She learns fast but has a short attention span and a very low tolerance for repetition, which can make teaching rather challenging.

The Rabbit is Nicholas, born in the Lunar Year of the Rabbit (2011).  He's (obviously) too young for structured home learning, but we are certain that when is ready, Emily will come on board as a very capable Assistant Teacher!