Wednesday, 25 May 2011

World Map Puzzle - Completed!

Today, we finally completed the puzzle I blogged about here.  The puzzle is now taking up considerable floor space in my bedroom!

As I mentioned before, it's not easy for a three and a half year old to complete this puzzle which has 100 pieces.  Each piece has mostly the same colour palette which adds to the difficulty.   And there is a whole lot of water!  One blue piece looks like another blue piece after a while.

I ended up dividing the puzzle up into continents,  I then grouped the puzzle pieces by continent.  I would then hand Emily the pieces for say, Asia, and she would complete that part of the puzzle by herself.  I would then hand her the pieces for Africa and she would complete that section, and so on. 

I noticed today that Emily doesn't refer to the picture of the world map on the puzzle's box or on the poster that came with the puzzle.  Instead, she examines the ten or so pieces that make up the section she's working on, and she fits the pieces in for each section based on the shapes of the pieces and the colours shown on each piece. 

We will continue working on the puzzle from time to time.  Emily keeps asking me to dismantle certain continents at a time so that she can put the puzzle back together again.  It's easy to keep the activity challenging by asking her to complete larger chunks of the puzzle each time.  Besides developing her puzzle solving skills, our learning objectives are to have Emily understand the concept of continents - that different countries make up a continent - and to be able to identify the different continents and to have her identify the location of certain countries of interest.