Thursday, 21 April 2011

Emily's "New Baby" Lapbook

Nicholas (the Rabbit in The Pig and Rabbit) arrived on 7 April 2011, presenting us with the opportunity to do a New Baby lapbook with Emily.  I say "us", but in sooth, all credit must go to one of Emily's favourite persons, her aunt Sharon (my sister), who conceptualised the lapbook, looked for materials and activities and then sat down with Emily to do the activities.  I am very grateful that I can outsource homeschooling to members of the family from time to time - you guys rock!

This is the lapbook cover.  Emily loves scrapbook shops and the stickers and materials available in these shops.  I love the bib craft project which was incorporated into the cover.

The lapbook features a matching activity on animals and their young (calf-cow, puppy-dog, etc).  Emily has been learning about these animals in her French playgroup so we decided to incorporate some French into the mix as well.  She knows the French names but hasn't figured out how to read the words, so I just wrote the French names next to the relevant pictures for her.

With some assistance, Emily also wrote a letter to Nicholas.  She filled in most of the blanks herself and it was her first attempt at a "cloze passage" and she seemed to enjoy the activity. 

And she also helped complete this height/weight comparison summary and did activities related to counting and writing numbers.  There is also a Relationship card game - Emily had to stick photos of family members on the cards and figure out what Nicholas' relationship to each family members was - e.g. "Mama has a new son", "Mimi has a new grandson" and "Aunty Jess has a new nephew".

Overall, a great "life lessons" lapbook to add to Emily's collection.  Emily is excited and happy about being a new Big Sister and this lapbook will be a good keepsake for her to remember this time in her life.

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