Wednesday, 16 March 2011

March Holiday Fun (and Work!)

Emily loves school holidays because she doesn't have to attend school and the family makes a special effort to line up fun activities for her.  This morning, she worked on writing numbers 0-10 using RSM worksheets.

She then did a trial class at Art Boot Camp at Turf City and painted a gorgeous work on canvas featuring a girl ("me! me!") and a house ("that's our house!")....

...which included blow-drying the canvas at strategic junctures
(presumably to prevent different paint colours from bleeding into one another)...

...she was extremely proud of the finished product...

...and promptly declared, "I want to do art class AGAIN!"


This evening, we did RSM, completing the lesson just before place values are introduced (eeks! wish us luck for the next lesson!).  We also made a calendar to teach Emily about days of the week.  We ended the evening with Peter and Jane.  Emily showed off by reading Levels 2 and 3 to me (we seem to have misplaced our 4a and 4b books).  She also read from Book 5a, which is about the family's visit to the farm and other places.  We'll need to work with Level 5 a bit more until I let her move on to the next level of books, though I have been trying to motivate Emily to make progress with the promise that Book 6a is about going on a holiday!

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