Sunday, 27 March 2011

Days of the week

RSM is really multi-faced in its approach.  One of the "side" lessons which seems to come up every now and then in the syllabus is teaching children to read a calendar and to understand the days of the week.  Emily can now read the different days and order them using these colourful flashcards which I made.  She also reads and understands "today" and "tomorrow", though "yesterday" is still proving a bit trickier. 

I've been trying to reinforce this learning by showing her different desk-top calendars that we have lying around the house and getting her to cross-reference the information picked up during RSM lessons with the calendars.  Today, I got her to arrange the days in order and place the "today" and "tomorrow" cards in the right place. 

After I had done this and had gone off to sort out some of our scrapbooking materials, I heard her saying to herself, in Mandarin, "today is is 2011 and it is March the 27th".  (At some point earlier in the lesson, I had referred to the calendar to date one of Emily's RSM worksheets and said out loud, "wow, is it the 27th already?")  

I was gob-smacked! I guess they do learn in nursery!

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